Start Your Business Setup in Dubai from 6,875 AED only! 

Company setup in Dubai, Residency, visa and much more. 

Free Zone
Company Setup

Register a company in any of the 50+ Free Zones in Dubai with full ownership and no income tax.

Company Setup

Boost your company for huge customer-base in Mainland and Internationally. 

Company Setup

Operate outside Dubai to a wider clientele, with a corporate bank account. 

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0 Visa Business License in Dubai Free Zone

AED 12,999
  • Get Trade license.
  • Enjoy Multiple Business Activities. 
  • Can have more than 50 Shareholders.
  • Assigned PR Manager. 

1 Visa Business License in Dubai Free Zone

AED 22,000
  • 1 Visa Package
  • Enjoy Multiple business activities. 
  • Can have Multiple shareholders. 
  • Dedicated relationship manager 
  • Multiple shareholders

Offshore Business

AED 18,500
  • Zero Visa Package
  • Any 3 trade activities under one license.
  • 100% Foreign ownership permitted
  • No paid-up share capital or audit requirements

Dubai For Investors

Economist Intelligence Corporate Network (EICN) states that the merged economies of the Middle East will develop by nearly 25% by 2027 delivering the best business environment for national and international investments.

On the other hand, Europe and the US will develop only half that rate by next decade. Dubai’s business-forward viewpoint and low-risk atmosphere, its beneficial tax management, legal structure, legislative sovereignty, and competitive market fundamentals make it an excellent place to invest.

PFOC will help setup a business in Dubai assisting you in registration, visa, and licencing. We can take care of your company’s accounts and taxation matters, enabling sustainable growth and development.


Offered by PFOC

If you are an investor shifting your business from Pakistan to Dubai, we provide excellent services for business setup in Dubai. Let’s go through them one by one: 

Business Set-Up Services

From finalizing trade name to company registration, applying for visas to obtaining licenses, and, from maintaining accounts to doing taxes, we will assist you in all areas.   

Accounting and Tax Services

Once you go through a smoothbusiness setup in Dubai, the biggest challenge is to maintain the accounts and benefit from tax lenience.  

Visa and Residency Service

The government of Dubai facilitates three kinds of visas, Professional, Visitor and Investor. Just dream about your ideal and leave everything to us.

Bank Account Opening

It’s a bit of a complicated process and reaching out to experts for advice is recommended.  

Virtual Office Setup

We will help you set up your office virtually, saving you thousands of Dirhams on travel and stay.  

Assistance in Accounts

We help our clients maximize their full potential by assisting them in accounts and tax related tasks.   

Dubai For Foreign Business

Dubai is a smart city with high internet and smartphone penetration, long-term residency for investors and entrepreneurs, and remote work visas.

The official language for documentation is also English which makes the documentation easier.

Zero to minimum income tax, firm grip on the capital, strong government support and a mindset that fosters digital enterprise makes Dubai the most lucrative place for foreign investors.   

Dubai For Service Sector

In Dubai, more than 85% of population comes from over 200 countries, enjoying key indicators like safety, quality of life, ease of living, cleanliness, ease of shifting and amazing infrastructure.

If you own a restaurant, salon, software house, garments and clothing outlet, construction company, engineering firm, marketing firm, Bank, audit, accounting and taxation firm, insurance company, tourism/travel company etc, opt for Dubai’s market.   


Business Setup In Dubai

Choose between Mainland, Free Zone, or Offshore. Each has unique benefits and suits different needs. Select your business activity in line with Dubai’s regulations. Each zone permits specific activities.  

Trade Name Registration

Business names must comply with Dubai’s legal and cultural norms. Avoid offensive names. Avoid replicating names for a profitable and unique business setup in Dubai.  

Legal Documentation

Prepare Memorandum of Association. Prepare shareholders’ details.  

Office Space in Dubai

Find a local sponsor; holds a nominal stake in your business depending upon the nature of your business. For a free-zone company, the sponsor is not required. 

Business Licensing and Approvals

Apply for the appropriate business license, some activities may require additional approvals. The approvals required would vary based on the nature, structure, and operations of your unique and exclusive business setup in Dubai.

Opening a Corporate Bank Account

Open a bank account in Dubai. You might need to visit Dubai for this. Some banks allow remote account opening.   

Visa Processing and Medical Tests

Apply for visas for yourself + dependents. Obtain the medical certificates after a health check. This process is mandatory for all forms of visas.   

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Pakistani investors should consider setting up a new company in Dubai for its beyond-compare prospects; strategic location links East and West, enabling international trade.

The city’s well-built infrastructure, investor-friendly plans, and tax lenience create a perfect environment for economic growth and expansion.   

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