Income Tax Slab for 2023-2024

Income Tax Slab

The Income tax slab is calculated on the basis of the salary of an individual. It is determined on the basis of income you earned during the entire year. The Income tax slab for the years 2023-2024 has been changed a lot and a detailed explanation for it is in the blog below. 

People in Pakistan have to pay tax returns after each year. The tax year runs from 1st July to 30th June of the following year. To make changes to tax returns you need special permissions. 

 The permission is from the Commissioner, plus it comes along with some permits and rules. The Commissioner in Pakistan has got a lot of authority in this regard. They can approve the tax return changes, but this change needs some solid supporting reasons. If there were genuine mistakes then they would be changed.  

The rule is simple: if you earn less than 100,000 Rs. per month, you pay 2.5% in taxes. If you earn more than 1 million Rs. per month, the tax percentage is unspecified. You will have to pay 35% in taxes amount.  


Changes in Income Tax Slab Plans for Salaried Individuals 

For the years 2023-2024, there are separate income tax slab and rules following the Finance Act 2023. It is different from the 2022-2023, especially for salaried classes. Firstly, it was the same as in 2022-2023. But later on, some changes were made and it was needed. The reason is the IMF’s disagreement with it. They didn’t agree with the previous rules of giving tax exemptions to the people who earn a salary.  


Detailed Income Tax Slab Pakistan 

  1. Income up to Rs. 600,000: No income tax is applied. 
  2. For income between Rs. 600,001 and Rs. 1,200,000, there is a 2.5% tax applied to the amount exceeding Rs. 600,000. 
  3. If your earnings fall between Rs. 1,200,001 and Rs. 2,400,000, you will be required to pay Rs. 15,000 plus an additional 12.5% tax on the portion of your income exceeding Rs. 1,200,000.
    In the case of income ranging from Rs. 2,400,001 to Rs. 3,600,000, you are required to pay Rs. 165,000, plus a 22.5% tax on the amount exceeding Rs. 2,400,000. 
  4. When your income falls between Rs. 3,600,001 and Rs. 6,000,000, the tax owed includes Rs. 435,000, along with a 27.5% tax on the amount exceeding Rs. 3,600,000. 
  5. For those earning above Rs. 6,000,000, the income tax rate rises to Rs. 1,095,000, coupled with a 35% tax on the amount exceeding Rs. 6,000,000. 


When is it necessary to settle taxes in Pakistan?  

Every resident taxpayer in Pakistan needs to include a statement about their wealth when they file their income tax return. The Commissioner can also ask anyone to provide this statement. If you want to change your wealth statement, you need to let the Commissioner know. The Commissioner can reject the changes if they think they aren’t made to correct genuine mistakes or omissions. Taxpayers have up to five years to make changes to their wealth statement.  


Sales Tax Calculator in Pakistan 

A sales tax calculator is a handy tool for calculating the sales tax on purchases in Pakistan. The income Tax slab and Sales tax is critical to understand. Sales tax is a consumption tax placed on goods and services, typically included in the purchase price.  

In Pakistan, sales tax is gathered at both the federal and provincial tiers. The federal administration enforces a standard sales tax, known as the GST, at a rate of 18% on the majority of commodities and services. In contrast, provincial authorities have their own distinct sales taxes, each with differing rates.  


Using a Sales Tax Calculator in Pakistan 

To use a sales tax calculator in Pakistan, you will need the following information:  

  1. The combined cost of the items or services you’re purchasing.  
  2. The rate of the sales tax provided is done by adding a specific tax rate of provisional sales and 18% of the GST federal rate. 


To calculate your sales taxes, use the following formula: 

Total sales tax = Total price x (Sales tax rate / 100) 

For instance, if you’re buying goods for PKR 100,000, and the applicable sales tax rate is 18%, the calculation is as follows: 

Total sales tax = 100,000 x (18 / 100) = PKR 17,000 

Keep in mind that sales tax rates and regulations can change, so it’s wise to seek guidance from a tax professional or consult the relevant government agency for the most current information.  


Taxes and Financial Planning with PFOC 

In conclusion, understanding the income tax slab and sales tax system in Pakistan is essential for individuals and businesses alike. Proper Financial Consultancy and Tax Planning play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with tax regulations while optimizing financial strategies. 

While dealing with the intricacies of taxation, it’s comforting to have access to services such as PFOC, which stands as Pakistan’s inaugural online consultancy firm, specializing in tax advisory and financial planning. PFOC is readily available to offer expert assistance and backing, aiding individuals and businesses in making well-informed financial choices, optimizing tax effectiveness, and safeguarding their financial prospects in a continually changing economic environment. 




What are the income tax slabs for 2022-23 in Pakistan?

Income tax slabs for 2022-23 in Pakistan outline the different levels of income and the corresponding tax rates, helping individuals determine their tax liability.


How does the income tax system work in Pakistan?

Answer: The income tax system in Pakistan requires individuals to pay taxes based on their annual earnings. Rates are determined by income levels. It’s important to understand these slabs for accurate tax calculations.


Could you provide information on the income tax rates applicable to individuals in Pakistan during the 2022-23 fiscal year?

The income tax rates for individuals in Pakistan for the 2022-23 period differ based on their yearly earnings and span from 0% to 35%. Knowing your applicable rate is crucial for tax planning. 


What is a tax card for 2022-23 in Pakistan?

A tax card for 2022-23 is a document that provides information about the applicable tax rates and deductions for the fiscal year. It’s a handy reference for taxpayers to ensure accurate tax calculations.


How can I find my specific income tax slab in Pakistan?

Answer: Your income tax slab in Pakistan is determined by your annual income. You can check the tax authorities’ guidelines or consult a tax professional for precise information. Knowing your specific slab is essential for proper tax compliance and financial planning.


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