The Grand Central Mall Faisalabad

What you need to know about The Grand Central Mall (TGC):

The Grand Central Mall is set to become the largest shopping mall in Pakistan and will be built in the heart of Faisalabad. Spanning a whopping 5.2 million square feet, the mall will be able to accommodate up to 5,000 people at any given time. It will feature approximately 750,000 square feet of retail space, a 900-room five-star hotel, a convention center, a multiplex cinema, pant houses, and a variety of food and beverage outlets. The mall will be connected to the main artery of Faisalabad via a dedicated road that will allow for easy accessibility. It is expected to attract over 20 million visitors annually, which will make it the most popular destination in the country.

Why Pakistan is best for business?

Pakistan has experienced exponential growth in modern trade and services sectors due to the influx of new industrial investors. The Grand Central Mall is one such investor that aims to expand the scope of retail chains in Faisalabad by providing an exclusive shopping experience for visitors. With construction beginning in 2015, this project has been eagerly anticipated by locals, tourists, and shoppers worldwide who want to see what this exciting new space will bring to the area. The Project provides several opportunities for real estate as being the biggest residential and commercial hub for overseas and Pakistanis.

Skyscraper Projects in Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market has been thrust into the forefront of business avenues by CPEC. After this, the real estate industry of Pakistan has been evolving and started to become better. Bahria Icon tower also clarifies itself as a skyscraper, by becoming the tallest building in Karachi, Pakistan. Alamgir tower, Ocean tower, Center Point tower, and many more business and real estate giants of Pakistan are defining Pakistan as a new land of business and Real Estate Hub.  The Grand Central Mall is the latest in a series of large-scale projects in Faisalabad. These projects are expected to further transform the city’s infrastructure, provide employment opportunities to thousands of locals, increase GDP growth, and provide a more attractive investment climate for foreign investors. This transformation was kick-started in 2008 when Faisalabad was declared a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which is a type of territory or group of territories where economic laws and regulations are different from the rest of the country. The SEZ’s special economic status has made it a prime location for investors and has brought new opportunities to the city.

Faisalabad becoming the next big metropolis

The Grand Central Mall is just the beginning of major changes in Faisalabad. The city is expected to be transformed from a traditional agricultural center into an industrial and commercial hub by 2025. This will be made possible by the planned construction of 18 skyscrapers that will redefine the image of the city and make it the next metropolis. These projects will be developed by government-owned companies, such as the Private Finance Initiative (PFI). The PFI is a financial model that allows both public and private organizations to work together to develop projects.

How PFOC’s partnership with TGC helps in Compliance and refraining from Mortgage Fraud?

The partnership between the Pakistan First Online Consultants and The Grand Central Mall will help in compliance and refraining from mortgage fraud. PFOC eliminates the need to find an accounting and finance firm that caters to all your accounting and finance needs. They come up with innovative ways to bring words on a page to life by developing an eye-catching brand identity. To refrain from Fraud and to facilitate business development, PFOC is in continuous Interaction with their Customers and has been working with The Grand Central Mall since the beginning of the project. They are helping the owners in complying with government regulations. The Grand Central Mall was initially slated to open in 2017 but experienced a few delays. Now, it is expected that the mall will open its doors in early 2020 and will become one of the most popular destinations in the area.

How does PFOC’s partnership with TGC help overseas?

The partnership between the Pakistan First Online Consultants (PFOC) and The Grand Central Mall will help increase the number of overseas investors being brought to Faisalabad. PFOC is bringing business groundbreaking digital solutions tailored to your specific needs. They work with franchisors and franchisees to help grow and expand the Real Estate industry. They are providing Financial Consultancy and Compliance to their Clients. This partnership will make it much easier for investors to be a part of the next big metropolis, Faisalabad, and create a dynamic change in Real estate. 

Future of PFOC as a Digitalization hub of real estate?

The PFOC is on its way to becoming a digitalization hub of real estate. With PFOC, you can invest property in the most lucrative way. Their business consultants can help you with all the tools for making the right business decisions, whether you’re looking to research your project’s feasibility or write a detailed business plan. Anyone can count on their marketing team to make their business stand out with a group of top-end content writers, videographers, graphic designers, and digital marketers. Optimizing the tax payments and covering the tax obligations, PFOC has always been at the forefront with its Strategic Business advice and Financial Consultancy.


It concludes that the PFOC is the only help out there for you to streamline your finances and grow your business to new heights. The groundbreaking digital solution that is tailored to your specific needs and the end-to-end compliance all comes from the PFOC. PFOC provides business and financial solutions as well as investment opportunities both at home and abroad. The greatest strength of our division is transparency. Our services will help you manage your finances like a pro and determine the best way to accomplish your goals. Even though our business model is modern and utilizes an array of cutting-edge technology, we embrace culture with open arms. We invite all forward-thinking entrepreneurs and Investors to join us in Exploring Pakistan’s future with us.

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