What Is ACCA Skill Development Program (ASDP)?

ASDP stands for ACCA Skill Development Program. It’s a training program offered by Pakistan First Online Consultants (PFOC) to ACCA students who train with expert and experienced accountants.

Benefits given by PFOC: 

PFOC is geared toward teaching and learning the skills and knowledge required to identify and ameliorate the problems of business sectors in Pakistan, where an employee is an agent of change and reform, and the students learn to rebuild the commerce society of Pakistan.

We treat interns as Assets: 

PFOC treats its employees and interns as assets. We invest in them to help them grow and achieve their goals. Here at PFOC, the employer and the employee have specific and clear expectations, from their relationship. The management expects staff to not just perform their job duties, meet targets, and contribute to the organization’s success, but to grow into a productive, safe, and respectful work environment. Our Aim is to enable our team to work in harmony to contribute to the betterment of Business Society of Pakistan.

We help our interns be the best of their games by offering one to one and inclusive training sessions focusing on the needs of each intern. The cost of training includes hiring a trainer, providing a venue, facilitation of travel expenses of trainers from overseas, media space and technical availability, lunch and refreshments for the attendants and souvenirs. The number mounts up to PKR 25,000 per person but we see it as investment not an expense.  

Professional training for the employees is provided; designed to cater the needs of everyone enabling them to perform better in a working environment. This initiative costs us PKR 40,000 per employee.

Class for Business communication and English language skills is delivered to our permanent and temporary staff to achieve a smooth and error free communication within and outside the office. This initiative costs us 30,000 per employee.  

ACCA Annual Subscription paid by PFOC: 

We provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to our interns serving in the field of accounts, finance, and digital marketing paying “Annual subscription of ACCA (£58 payable to ACCA UK) on the behalf of employees with outstanding performance.”  

On-site training: 

PFOC provides on-site training to trainees using real clients’ case scenarios. This helps interns gain more vivid insight into accounting protocols and procedures, enabling them to grasp firsthand methods and practices. This not only exposes them to different approaches to handle clients but delivers them experiences and help identify their own strengths and skills that other job applicants will likely not have.

Internship Leading to Employment: 

PFOC offers its interns an employment contract (subjected to performance) with market competitive salary and several other benefits after the employment is confirmed. We commit to providing regular market competitive pay, benefits, adequate training throughout, supportive work environment, opportunity to grow, significant work experience, and market references.

Build Good Reference and Confidence

Think of an internship as an extension of your education, you are likely to have a whole range of confidence-building attributes to apply to your future employment. Trust and respect are the foundation of any strong relationship. We trust employees to perform their duties competently and ethically. Likewise, employees trust us with their employment contract, fair compensation, a safe workplace, and opportunities for growth. Respect for each other’s opinions, ideas, and boundaries is also crucial in maintaining a positive relationship.

Business Language Class: 

Effective communication is essential for a healthy employer-employee relationship. Employers should provide clear job expectations, feedback on performance, creative independence, and opportunities to voice their concerns or suggestions. Conversely, employees should communicate openly about their needs, challenges, and ideas.

“We offer business class to our trainees, or even freshers (whoever needs it), along with an English language class which enables freshers to communicate better within the working environment”.  

On site Lunch Availability:  

Lunch is offered to everyone in the office be it an intern or an employee.  

Research hours: 

Dedicated research hours are allocated to the interns to enable them to learn the recent accounting and taxation rates and preferences. 

Lenient working hours: 

Trainees can benefit from lenience in working hours according to their class schedule. The entries of our ASD Program are allowed one week leaves for the preparation of exams.


The best time to make mistakes is when a competitive manager supervises you. Though 65- 68 working days aren’t enough to learn and absorb Accounts, it is enough for an intern to decide where his interests lay and where his natural flare for work rests.  

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